What is Capoeira 

Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music and dance in a very elegant and magnetic way. Performed by two people, it is often called a “game” that is played, not a fight. Capoeira is always played with a smile on face symbolizing that the capoeiristas are not afraid from the danger that is coming.
The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity.

Contramestre Anjo – Founder of Capoeira Natural do Brasil

Our Objectives

To promote community participation and improve the health and wellbeing of the general public by the provision of Capoeira, Music, Brazilian Dance and Percussion workshops and public demonstrations, private classes open to the public, regional and international collaboration with other Capoeira groups and literary media.

To provide activities in the interests of social welfare for disadvantaged young people to develop their skills to make better and healthier choices about their lives which will enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

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