Welcome to Coventry Boys and Girls Club. We are a youth organisation who support children all across Coventry by offering them opportunities to keep them off the streets and so they can learn and play in a safe, controlled environment.

We offer a range of Activities such as a Youth Club that happens 3 times a week for children ages 7 – 18. Here than can play all sorts of sports and activities with their friends they bring to the club and new friends they make every week. Your first session is free!!

We also offer Boxing sessions ran by award winning Dennis Young. There are sessions 3 times a week again during the evening that all ages can attend, whether its on a competitive level or just for fitness. Your first session is free!

We are also starting Dancing sessions every Wednesday Starting on the 10th January. In these sessions they are taught by a trained dance teacher and they will learn a variety of dances and dance techniques as they learn and play with friends. These sessions cost only £1.

We also hire out our building when available, our building includes a dojo upstairs where we have martial arts classes, a sports hall to cater to most sports, we also have a recording and music studio as well as a hair and beauty room! We have 2 more rooms that contain chairs and table for people looking to book spaces one being a games room with pool, snooker and table tennis.